3 Benefits Of A Messy Garden

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Maintaining a neat and tidy garden can be hard work. But should you even try?

For many gardeners, there is nothing more satisfying than to see all their plants neatly in straight rows with clean, weed-free ground around them. If you’ve been gardening for even one or two seasons, you know this is easier said than done.

Small gardens are a challenge to keep. And bigger gardens… they can get out of hand quickly.

Is it worth it? When it comes to gardening, David Goodman gives a compelling argument for why messy is better. As David says,

“Nature is a mess – a raucous, deliberate, incredible, outrageous mess. If you let some of that mess into your garden, your plants will benefit.”

David’s top three benefits of a messy garden are that “mess…

1. Creates habitat,

2. Confuses Pests, and

3. Is good for the soil.”

So let the mess begin.

Ready David’s full article at theprepperproject.com…


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