5 Major Plant Families and How They Grow Best Together

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corn and alfalfa together

Rev up the health of your garden by bringing friends together—a.k.a. companion planting.

One of the oldest gardening traditions, companion planting has been used across the globe for millennia.  You may have heard of the “Three Sisters” technique used by the Native Americans.  This time-tested trio of corn, beans, and squash is likely the most well know companion team.

Other combinations also work well together. My corn has always done well next to the alfalfa beds.  Yet some combinations are not so friendly.

Kate Myers gives a well-rounded summary of the five major plant families, how they help each other and which ones to avoid. As Kate says,

“Companion planting is more than not planting cabbage where you planted tomatoes. It is giving your garden a healthy environment from soil acidity to succession planting.”

Try your hand at putting friends together and watch your garden thrive.

Read Kate’s full article at homesteadrevival.blogspot.com…



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