Back To School – Soil Basics

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beans in woodchips

What I love about the Back to Eden gardening method is its simplicity in building really good soil both now and for future generations.  Put down a good covering, rake in some compost from time to time, and let the soil creatures do their work.  What could be simpler?

But what is soil anyway, and why is it important?  Soil is more than just lifeless dust or a muddy mess when it rains.  In our modern day, we have lost our connection with the soil and its importance for sustaining life into the future.  We till and spray and expose it to the elements thinking it does not matter as we watch it wash away.  I was one of the disconnected.   But thanks to the likes of Ruth Stout, Paul Gautschi, Joel Salatin and others, I saw the light.

Correcting this problem begins with education.  And a basic understanding of soil is a good place to start.  Chris Oldenburg and Aaron Williams give good basic lessons on soil in their “Understanding the Soil…” series.

“You might just think of it as dirt as you plan and work in your garden, but your plants and harvests will thank you if you start to consider the soil beneath your fingers and feet.“

Let’s all work to correct the educational gap, and “Fix the Dirt” for future generations.  Pass it on to your children, grandchildren and any young person you know.

Read Chris and Aaron’s lessons on soil at…

One reason we started Father’s Earth Gear was to help get the message out of faithfully stewarding the land.  We’d love to hear what you are doing by commenting below.


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