Biochar: Smart Gardening?

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There has been a lot of talk about Biochar in the last several years. How it can both help the planet and improve the soil. I was uninformed on this topic until a recent conversation with one of our subscribers. Thanks Marita! It’s definitely a topic worth investigating for those of us wanting to improve the soil both now and for future generations.

I like the way Joe Baker describes Biochar. He say…

“Biochar serves as an apartment house for the microbiology and nutrients in a soil. The char itself breaks down over centuries, creating a long term point of exchange for the soil ecosystem.”

We’ll be heading to the Small Farm Today conference in Mexico, Missouri in October and one of the main topics will be Biochar. How timely!

Read Joe’s full article and view his Biochar video(s) at…

(Please note that Bakers Green Acres sells Biochar, and that I am not endorsing his product or have any affiliation with Bakers. However, I found his website very informative. And you may too.)

For a different perspective of the Biochar discussion, take a look at Prof. Johan Six’s article at…


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