Cold Weather Composting – A 7 Step Plan

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compost is king

Wouldn’t it be great to keep your compost activities going during the cold months of winter?

Composting in the winter can be extremely tough.  Yet the payoff of having your own fresh compost ready for spring will be worth it.   You need a plan, though, to make it happen.

Greg Seaman educates us on a seven step plan for keeping our compost activities going in the winter.  As Greg says…

“With a little preparation, you can have fresh finished compost ready for spring planting.”

Greg’s seven step plan includes:


1.  Picking the right location,
2.  Maintaining a good size,
3.  Protecting the base,
4.  Providing a cover,
5.  Supplying the right green/brown ratio,
6.  Keeping the right water level, and
7.  Applying activators as needed.


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