Control Garden Pest Naturally With DE

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DE to the Rescue

Until your soil improves to a well-balanced ecosystem, you will be battling an overabundance of bad bugs.

An inexpensive way to solve this problem naturally is with food grade Diatomaceous Earth, or DE for short.  DE is the remains of tiny, dead marine phytoplankton that have sharp edges.  These sharp edges puncture the bodies of bugs with an exoskeleton such as fleas, mites and aphids causing them to dehydrate and die.  As Paul Wheaton says,

“The important thing to us is that if an insect with an exoskeleton gets diatomaceous earth on them, they die.”

DE does not harm mammals and can even be used help keep down parasites and worms in dogs and farm animals.

I have used DE in my garden with good results.  The challenge is that it needs to stay dry to be most effective as it loses its sharp edges when it gets wet.  And it washes off when it rains.  Yet despite these drawbacks, DE is an effective, low cost, natural method for bug control.

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