Dandelions: Love Them Or Hate Them?

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Do you fret about getting rid of dandelions in your garden or yard?  You may want to think again.

It seems we are obsessed in America with the perfect looking yard or garden.  And enemy number one to our pursuit of perfection is the dreaded dandelion.  Look in the lawn section of your local big box store and you will find a vast assortment of chemicals and tools to eliminate this odious weed.

But is it really your enemy?  Could the dandelion be one of your best friends?

Heather Rhoades describes how dandelions may be one of your best friends in your garden.  In fact, she describes instructions to purposely add dandelions in your garden plan.  As Heather says,

“They [dandelions] are actually more nutritious than most of the fruits and vegetables you can buy in the grocery store.”

The dandelion first came to America by European settlers to use as a salad green.  Imagine that.  Can you see a row of dandelions next to your lettuce, carrots and arugula?

Not only does the dandelion have great health benefits, it is also a preferred food source for beneficial ladybugs that will rid your garden of aphids.  According to a University of Wisconsin study, ladybugs just love them.  Being a natural humus-producer, earthworms also love congregating around the roots of the dandelion as it draws minerals from deep in the soil.

So rethink your opinion of the simple dandelion.

Read Heather’s full article on how to incorporate dandelions in your garden plan at gardeningknowhow.com…


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