Fall Is Back To Eden Gardening Time

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fall green bean patch

There is nothing better than coming home from a day’s work and taking a stroll in your Back to Eden garden.

You pick a few weeds while you stroll as a regular care of your garden. Yet oh how easy it is to tend your woodchip-mulched garden. The soil underneath your woodchips is moist and soft, even after many dry days. It truly is tranquil therapy.

You may use other mulch sources such as grass clippings, chopped dried leaves or straw—whatever you have available. But you know the covering is the key to growing good dirt and a vibrant soil ecosystem. The soil life will reward your care for many years to come.

You harvest fresh cilantro and fall beans for a flavorful Mexican dish and steamed green beans. The aromatic flavors bursts in your month as your just-picked produce has been grown in fertile, mineral rich woodchip covered soil. The woodchips improve the mineral content of your soil, and the minerals infuse sweetness into every one of your fruits and vegetables.

If this is not your gardening experience, it can be. Fall is the perfect—and preferred—time to start, expand or replenish a Back to Eden garden.

Whether you are starting from scratch or adding additional layers of mulch, you can learn more here.


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  1. Elizabeth L. Johnson

    I was reading a novel, where the farmer laid armloads of oak leaves, covering his garden soil deeply for the winter. Is this, in fact, a good idea in true life?

    • Larry

      Leaves are a great source to add organic matter and minerals to the soil along with using as a mulch. Along with woodchips and grass clippings, I shred leaves and add them as mulch. Diversity in materials is a good thing.

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