Fertilize Your Garden With Grass Clipping Mulch

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Specially Designed Grassy Mulch

As an all-natural gardener, it can be a struggle to find an abundant source of natural, supplemental fertilizer for your garden without spending a fortune.

Your answer may lie in your own yard.  I am talking about grass clipping mulch.  But not just any kind of grassy mulch, I am talking about grassy areas specifically managed for your garden mulching or chicken soil building program.

As I wrote in a previous post, I am a big supporter of converting lawn to food production.  Incorporating a specially designed grassy mulch area into your conversion plan is a must-do.   And this approach works very well with Back to Eden gardening.

Barbara Pleasant is a self-described grass clipping “devotee.”  With many years of experience, she has developed a simple but specific method for using grass clipping mulch in her garden plan.  As Barbara says,

“The most fundamental step I have taken is to actively cultivate three areas of my landscape for the specific purpose of gathering mulch. Rather than have them in solid turfgrass, I am growing a mixture of vigorous grasses and perennial clovers, especially Dutch white clover.”

Review Barbara’s short article, and then take a walk in your yard and see where you can convert non-productive lawn to your own specially designed grassy mulch areas.

Read Barbara’s full article at growveg.com…


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