Garlic Planting Time Is Nearing

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garlic plants

We love garlic and use it in all our cooking.  Fresh, home grown garlic is the best!  And it’s easy to grow, especially in wood chips.  It’s getting close to time to plant, and Herrick Kimball’s article gives some good advice on planting.  On when to plant, he says

“Columbus Day, the second Monday in October, is the traditional target date for planting garlic here in the northeastern United States. The objective is to get your cloves in the earth so they have time to put down roots (but not much topgrowth) before winter dormancy sets in.”

Although I recommend the Back to Eden method of growing garlic in wood chips to simplify the process with less work, Herrick plants a lot of garlic with very good results.

Read Herrick’s full article at…


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