How To Cure And Store Garlic

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Freshly harvested garlic

Garlic is one of those garden plants you either hate or love.

From our perspective, we love garlic!  We plant it every year and use it in all kinds of dishes.  Garlic is one of those ancient plants that we highly recommend every gardener have in their garden plan.

Homegrown fresh garlic is the best.  You will just love the fragrant aroma that fills your kitchen when you bring in your newly harvested garlic fresh for cooking.  But for longer term usage, you will need to properly cure and store your garlic.

Full of great flavor and health benefits, preparing and storing your garlic harvest to preserve its best characteristics takes some simple, but special care.  As the folks at the Boundary Garlic Farm specify,

“After garlic is harvested it needs to be cured. In curing the energy from the leaves goes into the bulbs as they dry.”

Whether you produce your own, homegrown garlic, or choose to buy fresh at your local farmer’s market, read the full article on how to cure and store garlic at…

What garlic storing secrets do you use?  Add your comments.

(Please note that we have no affiliation with Boundary Garlic Farm.)


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