If You Cover It, They Will Come

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soil life 2

Soil is alive—at least good soil is.  It’s alive with myriads of creatures from the microscopic to those we can see with our eyes.  And it’s these creatures that create fertile soil that leads to healthy plants and great tasting nutritious produce.  If we want these results, we need to welcome these creatures by providing an environment where they can thrive.

Just like humans and other animals, we all thrive best in stable well balanced homes.  And in the case of soil creatures, homes with the right amount of water, air and food.  A good covering is the starting point for creating a welcoming home.  And if you cover it—the soil that is—they will come.

But what exactly are these soil creatures and what do they do?  Joe Magazzi writes that

“It is estimated that one gram of soil contains one million fungi, and one billion bacteria.”

Wow, that’s a lot of creatures under our feet!

Read more about these creatures from Joe’s article at ecolandscaping.org…

And, if you are game for a little more information on this vital topic, check out this video (about 30 minutes) from ABC.net on soil life research in Australia…


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