Put Comfrey To Work — So You Don’t Have To

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comfrey patch

Experienced gardeners are always looking to improve their soil and increase production with less work.

Mulching is one of the best ways to ease your labor, especially using the Back to Eden method.  Yet another essential method experienced gardener’s use is incorporating key perennials in their labor reduction plan.

Comfrey is one of those key perennials — specifically Russian ‘Bocking 14.’

As Jean Nick says about her comfrey plants…

“I have my own little organic fertilizer factory, cranking out free mulch, compost activator, and a potent plant food.”

I have used comfrey for years as both a layering mulch and a compost activator.  My tomato plants especially like the slow release nitrogen the mulching layer provides.

Read Jean’s full article at organicgardening.com where you can learn the many benefits of comfrey and how to use it in your labor reduction plan…


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