Simple Compost Making From An Expert

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alfalfa compost pile


Stinky, smelly, “nothing,” hopeless…is that how you would describe your compost making?

Natural gardeners know that good compost is the key to great results in the garden.  Yet good compost can be difficult to find or even harder to make, especially for newbies.

There’s this green/brown ratio thing.  Then you have to worry about the right pile size, what to put in, what to leave out and the right amount of water.  It seems too complex.

When I first put my hand to making compost, I made many stinking piles.  Or piles that just sat there and did nothing.  You may know what I mean.  Fortunate for me, I’ve gotten much better over the years.  But it would have been much better to have some simple lessons by an expert early on.

Expert compost maker, Eliot Coleman, fits the bill.  For you newbies, and for us more experienced as well, enjoy this video by Eliot and Barbara Damrosch teaching simple ways to make great compost.

(Viewing note:  The compost training begins at the 8:28 mark in the video.)

Watch the video at blockguru…

How do you make compost?  What lessons have you learned?



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