Simple No-Till Gardening The German Way

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Hugelkultur bulding 9

When it comes to simple, sustainable alternative gardening methods, don’t google it, hugel it!

The no-till German way that is.

This past weekend I got inspired by Erica Strauss’ article on building hugelkultur. So I went out and converted a water filled sunken compost pit into my first hugelkultur.

“The latest bed-building method to turn gardeners’ heads is actually an ancient technique called hügelkultur. The German word, meaning “mound culture,” is usually pronounced “hoo-gull culture” in English-speaking gardening circles.”

Erica says the hugelkulturs differ from traditional no-till beds in five primary ways:

  • Woody Base Material
  • Size
  • Angle of Bed Sides
  • Long-Term Soil Fertility
  • Moister Retention

Read Erica’s full article at…

Have you experimented with a Hugel?


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