Simple Power of Wood Chip Gardening

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Wood chip piles

Gardening can be simple and create health for you and your family.

Yet we tend to make gardening more difficult than it needs to be.  I know I have.

Simplicity in gardening comes from mimicking creation and mustering the soil forces to do the work for us.  It does not take high tech fertilizers, chemicals or tools—all things I have used in the past—only simple resources in nature already at our disposal.

And what is one of the best simple resources we have?  Wood chips.

Dr. Mercola featured Paul Gautschi from the Back to Eden documentary discussing the many benefits of wood chips to create power rich soils. Summarizing the benefits of wood chips, Dr. Mercola says

“You can actually use virtually any organic material for mulch but wood chips seem to be one of the best, as they are concentrated sources of carbon that serve to feed the complex soil ecology.”

Read Dr. Mercola’s full article and listen to his interview with Paul at…


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