Simple Solution For Recycling Kitchen Scraps

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worm tower

Worm farms are a great way to recycle kitchen scraps and create nutrient dense compost.  You may have one yourself.

Yet they can be a pain to manage, and they may attract annoying fruit flies.  A simpler solution is to install a worm tower.  You can install these right in your garden, in raised beds or even in pots on your balcony or patio.

Simple to construct, worm towers are easy to maintain needing only a little attention.  What a great way to build variety in your soil building plan.  As Milton Dixon shares,

“Once it’s [worm tower] installed all you have to do is add composting worms (red wigglers) and then occasionally add some table scraps.”

If the worm tower is installed in the ground, the worms can even survive the winter in all but the coldest climates.

Integrate a worm tower or two in your garden plan.  Read Milton’s full DYI article at…


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