Simple Tips For Year Round-Gardening [Inforgraphic]

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Have you had enough of gardening for the year?

I know many gardeners are ready for a break about this time – myself included. But I sure do miss it after a short break, especially when the cold weather starts setting in.

Here is a great infographic that gives simple tips to extending the season and also planning for the whole year.

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(Please note:  We have no affiliation with XHOSE.  We just think it is a good infographic to share.)

Year Round Gardening Tips for Every Season
Courtesy of: The Spigot, The Official XHOSE blog


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  1. Rajani pasthe

    Thank you pinterest I love the information I get on your site I want to thank all the blogers for their valuable advice I am new to gardeninig and I have become confident and
    have started taking kin interest in my small garden

  2. Brenda

    Hello, When I click on the links, I receive an error message that the website is not valid or has been changed. Could you please update the page?

    • Larry

      Thanks for letting me know, Brenda. I fixed the link. It should work now. Let me know if does not.

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