Slow Money And Wendell Berry

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The Slow Money gathering in Louisville, Kentucky, on November 10 – 12, looks to be an event not to miss.   But unfortunately I won’t be able to make it, although I would love to.  One speaker in particular I would love to hear in person is Wendell Berry.  I have read various pieces of Mr. Berry’s works over the years, and he continues to be a stalwart champion of respect for the environment and sustainable agriculture.

In an interview with Bill Moyers in October 2013, Mr. Berry gave a succinct statement of his philosophy

“…the only question we have the right to ask is: what’s the right thing to do, what does this earth require of us if we want to continue to live on it.”

Even more so in his later years, Wendell Berry continues to fight the battle to provide a sustainable land base for our future generations.  We do not worship the earth, but we care for it in the way it was designed by the Creator to be cared for — a stewardship.  May we fight the battle in our own small way wherever we are.  Our weapons are not weapons of physical force or “bombs“ but of words and ideas and principles and appropriate action.

His kind of approach that focuses on the long term — not top down imposed solutions — will take “patience” and “good examples.” This change process takes time to be done right. May we join Mr. Berry in this great battle of our day!

 Watch the full Bill Moyers interview here…

(Warning:  The full interview is close to 40 minutes, but well worth the time to stay to the end.)


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