Solving The Hunger Crisis Through Simple Sustainable Farming

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Sweet Corn 8-9 ft tall

Many claim that the earth cannot sustain our ever increasing population.  But simple sustainable farming and gardening solutions are proving otherwise.  As Paul Gautschi clearly demonstrates in the Back to Eden Film, when we mimic the simple solutions we find in creation, the earth is more than adequate to provide nutrient abundance to those that are open to its instruction.

This past weekend, Olivia and I attended a fascinating farming conference in Alabama.  In the conference, we learned from two African Zimbabwean farmers that also looked to creation to develop simple sustainable farming solutions.  Their results are undeniable and they are changing the world by reducing hunger and bringing hope and prosperity to the poor.  Brian Oldreive and Craig Deal from Foundations for Farming (FFF) educated us on their farming philosophy, principles and methods that dramatically improve the soil over time and can be applied on both small and very large scales.

The folks at ECHO provide a thorough summary of the FFF system.  According to the ECHO article:

“FFF stems from the observation that in creation, plants grow in areas covered by decaying organic matter (mulch), and without plowing.”

There is a simple solution for feeding ourselves and the poor if we are willing to listen, work and apply.  You can apply these solutions in your own backyard, or use them to help those in need.

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