garlic garden

You Can Have a Mini-Garden Of Eden In Your Backyard

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garlic garden

Have you been dreaming of a garden oasis in your backyard? Or are your hopes on getting more abundance from your unproductive space?  You can make it happen in the New Year.

It just takes a little vision, plan, skill and, many times, trial and error. To help with the visioning, planning and skill portions, Dan at Plant Abundance has created a model learning experience in his urban backyard.  He has literally created a mini-Garden of Eden.  You can learn about:

  • Small scale food forest design,
  • Hugelkultur building,
  • Incorporating chickens,
  • And many other small scale garden productivity tips.

Checkout one of my favorite videos on him building a Hugelkultur here.

Learn from Dan’s full complement of training and tour videos at plantabundance.comStart here to see what you can also achieve in your journey.

Note: For all my Back to Eden gardening friends, notice Dan’s abundant use of woodchip mulch.


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