Making Compost With Mushrooms

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king stropharia final

Mushrooms make compost…really?

Yes they do. When you look to the forest floor or lift up a dead log in the forest, what do you see? You see life, all kinds of life, including a vast network of white strands. These white strands are fungi that also manifest themselves on the surface as mushrooms.

It’s the job of these living organisms to breakdown the wood — to make compost in essence. And you can easily incorporate mushrooms in a controlled way into your woodchip garden to accelerate no-work compost making.

Aaron von Frank highlights the many benefits of using mushrooms in your garden plan, with primary focus on the King Stropharia.   For purposes of making great soil, says Aaron

“If you want good garden or farm soil, this [King Stropharia] is a great shroom for you. They quickly break down biomass like wood chips, converting it into rich soil that is teeming with life (they even parasitize and kill certain detrimental nematodes that would otherwise damage your plant roots).”

So give King Stropharia a try this next growing season to amp up your garden.

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Have you ever used mushrooms to make compost?


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